Since May 13th I have been silent on this blog. Both Facebook and Twitter have been relatively quiet too.

The reason? Back in May (16-30) I took a two week sabbatical  in which I was offline completely. No computer. No talk radio. No news. Very little input from anything but Scripture, a handful of good books and some trusted friends.

I listened. I prayed. I thought. I took a trip to Atlanta on my motorcycle. I journaled. I did a couple of projects around our home. I listened, prayed, and thought some more.

During this time of listening I realized, “I need to speak less and listen more.” I did. I listened to God, my heart, my wife, my friends, and I reviewed journal entries from years past. I reflected on the man I am and the man I long to be.

It was healthy… and painful.

My conclusion is simply this… no conclusion. The story of my life is not over. There is much to be heard, learned and experienced. There is much growth needed and simultaneously much growth that has occurred, and for both I am grateful.

I love to blog and interact and I am ready to break the silence and come back.