Evaluation Time

It’s that time around here… the time where all of the staff goes through performance evaluations!

Here’s the process…

1) Each management team member sets goals for his/her department that are in
alignment with our mission, vision, and values. These mutually agreed upon goals (i.e.
both the individual MT member and myself agree on the goal) become the
benchmark for the following year.

2) Every month we have “Face-Time” during which I spend time with each MT member
to ask: 1) How are you; 2) How’s your ministry area; 3) Are there any changes you
need to make; 4) Are there any resources you need; 5) How can I help you?

3) Every six months we sit down for a “formal” evaluation in which we review the
previous six months, make any adjustments necessary, and celebrate wins.

4) The individual being evaluated fills out the form (see below) and hands it into the
supervisor who has filled out the same form. The two compare notes and discuss any
differences. At the end of the evaluation they discuss areas that need to be adjusted and
celebrate areas of ministry effectiveness.

We all go through this process…

1) I am evaluated by our delegates using the same format that is used for the
Management Team.

2) I lead the performance evaluations for each Management Team member.

3) Each Management Team member is asked to carry out performance evaluations for
each paid staff member that they are supervising (e.g. Director of Discipleship
evaluates our paid children’s staff).

Why do we do performance evaluations?

We want to be as good as we can be and the best way to do that is to evaluate what we’re doing and the consequent results! If we are effective then we keep doing it! If we can be more effective then we adjust!

Evaluations provide us the opportunity to be introspective both personally and organizationally which consequently leads to a higher impact leadership team and more intentional missional activity!

You can click here to see the format we use.

Here’s to being the best we can be!

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