New hires

I’m really excited about several new hire that we just made!

We have just hired Justin Michaeu as our new Communications Manager. He will be serving in a full-time capacity.

Justin comes from The Martin Group – an award winning marketing and graphic design group in Buffalo, NY. He has just been nominated as a “Rising Star” in the Buffalo area!

Justin will be overseeing all church publications (e.g. bulletin, newsletter, etc.) for both campuses; the Northgate website; video presentations; slides used in worship; etc.

We’re looking forward to Justin coming on staff!

We also hired Traci Wells to be our Administrative Assistant at our south campus! She has been hired to work 15 hours a week.

Traci will be helping to coordinate activities at the south campus; serving as a point person for the various groups meeting at our south campus; coordinating cleaning and maintenance; coordinating purchases for the south campus; and facilitating clear communication between the various groups meeting @ south and the north campus!

She’s gonna be busy! We’re looking forward to having Traci on the team!

We hired additional office help – 10-15 hours per week. This person will be named soon. This position will serve as an assistant to our Director of Operations (Jeff Harmon) and our Office Manager (Teri Noble).

Believe me… we are all excited about this hire! It is crazy around the office and the more help we have the more effective the Management Team will be!

Finally, we are in the process of hiring someone to clean the North campus. This is a HUGE endeavor which is supplemented by volunteer help (Thanks to all of you who are volunteering in this capacity!).

We believe that it is critical to keep our building clean! This requires flexibility and consistency! We regularly have weeknight activities and need our building cleaned before the activity (e.g. the Christmas memorial service) and after the service in preparation for the weekend!

We will still be relying on volunteer help to clean our facilities, but the addition of paid help will relieve a lot of stress on those evenings when we have a wedding or another special event!

2 thoughts on “New hires

  1. I’m excited about the new additions, but having recently been on the finance team I’m wondering where the money is coming from to pay these people. Our 2007 budget was tight just trying to cover Jeff’s salary, much less Anthony’s, Terri’s, Justin’s, Traci’s and Kim’s. I realize I’m not a part of the team anymore, but some of the financial decisions that have been made lately have me alittle concerned. Just sharing. Thanks for your blogs!

  2. Hey Maureen,

    Thanks for your concern! As you will see in your 2006 giving record, things have really been picking up! With the addition of 55 new givers (a result of the tithing challenge); multiple large gifts; and an increasing giving base we met our projected 2007 budget (a 17% increase from 2006) in November of 2006!

    God is blessing and we are working hard to be faithful and visionary! We’ve got great teams in place as we move ahead! It’s great to be a part of Northgate in these times!



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