After church thought

WOW! We had a great week of ministry!

– Our Kids JAM (Jesus And Me) team led the service. It was GREAT! I was so proud that
I cried on Saturday night as I watched our team lead the service! A few things about the

– They are all volunteers – I LOVE YOU GUYS!

– They are not all parents of kids in Kids JAM

– They are HUGELY innovative

– They use everything from technology to whip cream pies to teach kids about Jesus

– I would put them up against any other kids program! (Trying not to be to proud or
ambitious here… 😉

– our attendance for the week was 988 (Thursdays has been over 100 every week since it

Jeff Painter held a worship concert on Sunday night… Awesome! He is a wonderful man
with a gift from God that pulls people right into the presence of The King!

– I’m looking forward to our new sermon series starting next week – “Just Walk Across
the Room” – a series in which we are going to be teaching the value and practice of
personal evangelism. I’m PUMPED up about this series! Pastor Vern and I are going to
team teach the first two weeks of this series and then Anthony is going to join me on the
last two weeks of the series!

– Please join me in prayer that this series will be the launching point for HUNDREDS OF
PEOPLE catching the vision for leading their unbelieving friends and family to Jesus!

One thought on “After church thought

  1. I wish I was still in Kids JAM, jamming with the “kids”! I was still dancing in the aisles. I liked that fruit song too. Wasn’t that peach lady awesome?! And Pastor Vern was rockin’ with Pharoah, Pharoah!

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