What it’s like @ Northgate

Yesterday @ our Management Team meeting we spent the first hour of our meeting in prayer. I am so excited about a group of leaders that wants to start the decision making process only after being saturated in prayer! (see here for “The rest of the story)

One of the things that we realize as pastors is that our perception of church can be pretty skewed. We spend 5-6 days a week at the church and are constantly thinking about, reading about, talking about, dreaming about, and praying about church! The things we see may not be the things that others see. So, in order to be as objective as possible we seek out what others are saying about the church.

Yesterday we invited a lady who has been coming to Northgate for about one year to come and share with us her perception of Northgate. It was a moving experience! šŸ˜‰

She had some nice things to say that confirmed some of what we (i.e. pastors) see, but there were some other helpful insights… things we may have overlooked!

Some “Walkaways” from this presentation included…

We must become more intentional about asking people about their relationship with Jesus Christ. This lady attended our church for a little over a year, was a part of an ABF, and no one ever asked her about her relationship with Jesus. This must start with me… I must stop assuming and start asking others, “How’s your relationship with Jesus?” CAVEAT = This does not mean that we tackle people as soon as they walk through the door with “The question”… that’s just dorky!

We must create a culture of greeters. Everyone in our church is a greeter! You don’t have to have a badge around your neck to greet! If you don’t know someone… meet them! We have to take the initiative to greet people we don’t know, cause they’re probably not going to take it! Everyone greet one that you don’t know!

We must become more intentional with our ushering. When someone comes into church our ushers need to ask two questions: 1) Can I help you find a seat?; 2) Can I introduce you to someone? These two questions demonstrate sensitivity and interest on the part of the ushers. Sensitivity in that they don’t assume that the person wants to be introduced or led to a seat, and interest in that they do demonstrate through these two questions that they care about the individual! (This is not a “shot” at our ushers it’s just a learning point)

We must ask others to join our group! It is possible for someone to attend here for many months without being asked to be a part of a group! If everyone in our church took the initiative to ask one or two other people to join them for dinner, or in their group (ABF or otherwise), or at a game, etc. can you imagine the kind of connections that would begin to happen! The idea here is that everyone should be connected to someone!

We must become more intentional about having a faith story… and asking others about theirs! This is closely related to the first point. We are going to be teaching about this in our current sermon series. The idea here is to share your story in a minute or less… your story about how Jesus has changed your life! The idea, again, is that everyone in our church should have a story and be ready to ask someone else about their story!

4 thoughts on “What it’s like @ Northgate

  1. Paul–great thoughts. You are an insightful guy.

    I especially like your lady’s first observation…that we need to be intentional in asking people about their relationship with Christ. Sounds so simple…yet, I have overlooked that obvious stone in the structure.

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