What makes a great blog?

As an avid blog reader I have my “favorite things” that I like about blogs that I read. I’m interested in yours.

What are a few of your favorite things? What do you find helpful when checking out a blog and what are some things that you don’t necessarily find helpful

In other words, what makes a great blog?

6 thoughts on “What makes a great blog?

  1. I like honesty, freshness, relevant topics. I love to see what other people are reading or listening to (cd, ipod, etc). I am a music junkie so I enjoy new music and such. When I read a blog, I am not looking for a dissertation or thesis; I want something accessible and to the point that I can understand and apply right away.

  2. I read “your” blog to find out what’s happening at Northgate and in your head. You can get to know a personality from his/her writings weither in a blog, email, diary, or school paper. I just wish comment area had spell/grammar check! Oh well. Keep up blogging if you can find the time in your busy schedule. Enjoy your vacation with your ladies too!

  3. Easy, especially for you since you’re a pastor. The main purpose of a “pastors blog” is for members and potential members/visitors to get an “inside look” into the mind of their potential pastor.

    Follow-up thoughts on a sermon, mid-week devotionals and things God has been teaching you, vision for the church, announcements (think NewSpring hiring Tony Morgan), and a few personal stories/recaps thrown in. The point is, people want to feel close to you…you’re their pastor! As your church grows (and it will), your blog will become an integral relationship medium to that end. I suppose it’s one of those leadership things. People want to follow a man they believe they can trust. Trust is gained through relationships, and big-church pastors can’t have a personal relationship with every member. Enter the blog.

    Hope that helps!


  4. First of all, I enjoy your blog! Here’s some of my thoughts.
    – A blog is not a biography. It’s way too tedious to try to put in everything, so don’t. Only the highlights, the unusual, etc…
    – A blog should be personal. A blog should be something a newspaper, video, etc. isn’t.
    – Humor! Yes! with a hint of quirkiness 🙂
    And most importantly,
    – Regular updates. Nothing is more boring than news from last month.

  5. I agree with Traci. Yours is my first experience with reading a Blog. I am a dedicated pray-er. Since Northgate is my church, the information you provide helps me know how to pray. I also can assist in communicating your messages or intentions to those within my influence. As long as you are blogging your honest thoughts, God’s kingdom and the church can benefit. I guess that adds to the responsibility of those around you– who need to keep praying that God continues to direct your thoughts!

  6. I don’t have a lot of experience with blogs but I’ll tell you what I’ve appreciated about yours.

    Let’s say that you are the lead vehicle in a huge line of cars on a long journey. The congregation are the cars behind you. Your blog is like the signals you use to communicate where we’re going or like taking a break at a rest stop to take a look at the map. It just helps all of us have a sense of direction (as opposed to sitting in the back seat with a blinde fold on).

    It is also reassuring to be asked what we think about things and given the opportunity to voice our opinions. If the lead car just keeps going and doesn’t stop to see how the ones following feel about the paths we are taking it can be disheartening. And in some cases, it might be tempting to find another caravan to join or even worse yet just run out of gas and give up on the journey altogether.

    I also appreciate the use of scripture. The only map I want to follow is God’s word. Otherwise we’re destined for disaster.

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