Totally unrelated thoughts

I’m prepping for the day and have a bunch of unrelated thoughts running through my head… what’s that mean about me? Ahhhh… it’s nothing that a good cup of coffee and a quick blog post can’t take care of…

  • I’m excited to teach the book of James this weekend! This is the first of a two weekend teaching series for pastors. I’ll be in Pleasantville, PA… the one “spot” in America that does not have a cell phone tower! 😉
  • I’m tired of painting! I’ve painted the bathroom, living room and hallway so far! Next week I’m tackling (with the help of some friends) the installation of some new flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. I’ll also be finishing two closets, and I’ll be wrapping up the finishing touches with a paintbrush! Dang bro… I’ll be glad to get back to the office!
  • When I teach a class on preaching I will use two books for the texts:
    • Communicating for a Change by Andy Stanley. Stanley urges communicators to narrow their teaching down to “One big idea.”
    • Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. The Heath brothers teach the communicator how to make that one big idea “stick.”
  • I’m going to write a post on “When to quit.” Sometimes the best thing you can do is quit… but that’s gonna have to wait until next week!
  • I’m gonna start reading Karl Barth’s biography… soon! It came in the mail yesterday! I need to read more autobiographies and biographies in order to keep up with my reading schedule (see here). If you don’t have a reading schedule… it’s something you should consider! Watch less TV, get up earlier, do whatever you have to do to engage with great thinkers, leaders, etc.
  • I hope you like the new layout of the blog! Some places to check out…
    • I’ve updated the “About” tab… (It’s in the top left hand corner of this blog)
    • Check out the right hand side of this blog… sign up for the blog in your e-mail
  • Justin (our Creative Arts Director) is working on a new church website and IT’S HOT!

OK, gotta roll… thanks for checking out this blog!

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