It’s Happening!

So many things go through my head as I look at these pictures, but not one of them consists of doubt! I know God has called us to a new role in a new place. In spite of this confidence, there is still a “Batavia” spot in our lives!

  • Batavia will always be the birth-place of Dallas, and our new baby!
  • Batavia will always be the home of some of my greatest friends.
  • Batavia will always be the home of a great church… Northgate.
  • Batavia will always be the place where God called me to church-planting.
  • Batavia, you have a special place in my heart. Thank you for two great years!

2 thoughts on “It’s Happening!

  1. God used Gillian Warner in his timing to help us with our move two and a half years ago. We are praying for God’s timing in the sale of your home as well. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the girls. They are so precious. They “hey boy” story was side splitting funny a few posts back.

  2. We have missed you and Sherri and the girls. I am so happy to hear you have sold the house. Gods moves in such mysterious ways and always has the perfect plan and the perfect timing and the house was sold in the perfect timing and I am sure you will see that down the road …We miss you you all and love you and still pray for you daily. Keep up the great work…..

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