Keep it simple… do less

Some time ago, Seth Godin said something that grabbed me, “One of the most powerful things you can do is focus your entire organization on a single goal, a single idea, a single way of doing things.”

The church is beginning to realize the wisdom of this statement!

For a long time the church that has the most programs has been considered to be the most “successful” church. That is changing.

Churches are realizing that no church can do everything, but every church can do something!

Churches that are discovering their “Something” and doing it with a high degree of excellence (a result of focus, strategic planning, intentional resourcing, and saying “NO” to everything else) are becoming the new benchmark for church leaders and churches seeking to become more effective!

Several books have been written about this subject:

What’s being said about simplicity on the blogosphere:

Think about it…

  • If we had $10,000 to spend and 20 ministry groups to divide it between, and we divided it equally… each group would get (hang on… I’ve gotta get a calculator)… $500.
  • If we had the same amount of money but only 10 ministry groups… each group would get… $1,000.
  • Now imagine if we had three ministry group, and the same amount of money… each group would get (if we divided it equally, which I’m not necessarily advocating)… $3,333.33!
  • See what I’m getting at? If we focus on less… we get more!

I think this move to simplicity is a good one!

One thought on “Keep it simple… do less

  1. I agree. We have finished reading Simple Church as a staff team, and our elders are in the middle of reading it. We are getting together with some guys from Injoy in July to do some “visioneering” (sp?) which will help us focus on defining clearly and simply who were are and what we need to do. Also I just finished Seth’s book, the Dip and pulled some good thoughts that I want to blog about later.

    Just some thoughts on simplicity. Being Simple is not easy. In fact for staff it is a lot of work. It is work getting the processes to be simple. It is work to guard the church from the gravitational pull of doing everything under the sun. It is a lot of work and takes being intentional to communicate simply, clearly and with focus.

    It is hard work to say no and resist the consumeristic culture within the church. Everyone that walks in the church has an expectation. They see the church as offering goods and services. And it isn’t easy to resist the temptation to have to meet everyone’s expectation.

    Being simple is one our greatest challenges. But it is worth all the effort!

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