Learn from the best… at your kitchen table

I love learning from the best… for free… at my kitchen table… and now I can!

Technology is making learning so much easier!

One of the greatest current learning tools is podcasting.

Rick Warren has teamed up with Ed Young Jr. to discuss the place of evangelism in church growth in this podcast! It’s great!

Podcasts allow me to:

  • Listen to the best… at my leisure
  • Take notes… rewind… and take more notes
  • Interact with other people over the same material. Whereas with a seminar/conference if they didn’t attend and I did, or if I didn’t attend and they did one of us is going to be missing some critical information.

A starting point:

  • Who are you learning from?

2 thoughts on “Learn from the best… at your kitchen table

  1. Paul,
    Let me just say that I have had to confess my jealousy/envy of your reading/listening time. I can honestly say that you have really embraced the leaders are readers philosophy hook line and sinker! 🙂 Then let me say that I have been enjoying some gleaning; I have been going back to some key books in my ministry development and rereading and teaching the various chapters to teens. This exercise of revisiting old familiar haunts has energized my own leadership!

    I am learning from old school guys right now. Oswald Chambers (My Utmost for His Highest) and Andrew Murray (Abide in Christ). These guys are probably not on the top 10 bestsellers on any leadership blog — but they had a vibrancy for spiritual growth and ministry. I am catching some of their contagion! 🙂

    Thanks for your excellent resource-laden posts. God had been using you in some pretty unique, powerful ways in the past 3-4 weeks. This only brings me back to a quote from Murray’s book, “The branch does not exist for itself, but to bear fruit that can proclaim the excellence of the vine: it has no reason for existence except to be of service to the vine.”

    Thanks for asking,

  2. Paul,

    I want to say that first of all I have had to confess my jealousy/envy of the time that you seem to have to read/listen to podcasts. I guess that you have really taken this “leaders are readers” motif to the ultimate end! 🙂 yeah!

    Second, I have found great joy in returning to some of the things that I have read in the past and re-reading, then teaching some of the principles found therein. It has been a mini-refreshment camp for me. I also have found a couple of the classics in spiritual growth to be a boost to me right now. I am chewing on Oswald Sanders (My Utmost for His Highest) and Andrew Murray (Abide in Christ).

    Check out my post of a really great quote from Murray!
    Keep on growing in the Word while you read the gurus1

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