I still can’t believe it… but I expect it!

I still can’t believe that we baptized 163 people this weekend!

You know what though? I’m expecting that this kind of experience will become normative! Why would we settle for seeing this once in a lifetime? Why not start praying and working to make this a normative experience?

13 thoughts on “I still can’t believe it… but I expect it!

  1. Yep! The Book of Acts are full of story after story of entire households being bapitized, of thousands who believed and were baptized.

    Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day. Acts 2:41

    It would seem to have been the norm back then. We need to be bold and make it the norm now.

    Thank you Jesus!

  2. I hope the office staff keeps track of these numbers. That is the second time we baptized this year plus all the people who got saved and its only the half way point in ’07 🙂

  3. Paul,
    BAPTIZED 163! What a wonderful tribute to your work at Northgate. I’d like to share with you this morning’s conversation with my 12 year old grandson. “I’m so proud that you chose Jesus and went forward to be baptized”. Treese’s reply was “Well, I knew that I wanted to do it and Pastor Paul is so nice, he’s just the nicest pastor ever, so I just did it”. My daughter, 3 grandchildren, and my great-grandchild all went forward to be baptized; to publicly accept Jesus and also to have a piece of Paul Peterson forever in their hearts. You may be replaced, but you will NEVER be forgotten. May God continue to bless you, Sherri, and those precious little “Ladies”. Margaret

  4. What an awesome day….one we will never forget. God’s presence could be felt as so many were baptized, no one could ever plan a service like that one. We were truly blessed. Blessings to you and your family as you continue your journey….we will certainly miss you all. Howie and Sue

  5. My husband and I were both baptized this sunday at the 11:00 service. We have accepted Jesus and knew that was the next step. We hadn’t planned to (like so many others), but felt the tug in our hearts to just go! It was an incredible feeling one that we will never forget! We love being apart of Northgate and have learned so much for Pastor Paul. You truly have a gift from God that is touching so many lives and it is so amazing to see how he is working in peoples hearts! Paul we are sad to see you go but are excited that you will go out and continue to spread the good news of the Lord to others with such a passion! God Bless you and your family!

  6. Paul, I’d like to thank you for finalizing my faith.I have supported my wife at church for 14 years. I’ve been listening to a variety of pasters on the radio.I’ve been reading the new testament and am into acts.certain things become have clear now.I can understand the meaning of things that the bible has talked about.As I said,it does change the way you think about things and it does change your heart.Thank you for everything,good luck in all you do!I,ll be listening on the radio for you!!!!!

  7. Paul,
    What an amazing service. I still can’t believe it. It also provide a great witness to my family as I barely made it to my grandmother’s 95th birthday on time. I was still explaining it to one of my cousin’s at 7:00 that night.
    Thank you for all your family has done for Northgate. Your chapter at Northgate is concluded, but the book is still being written.

  8. I just want to commment about how good it is to hear that Chris Morgan went forward!! We have been praying for him for as many years as Cathy has been coming to Northgate and what a blessing to see all of our prayers answered!! I’m sure Cathy is bouncing off the walls, literally!!

    Again, I’m sorry Phill and I missed the great services, but we witnessed the same on Saturday when more than just the one who was planned came forward!

    As everyone has commented, what a great ending to a wonderful chapter in the Paul and Sherri Peterson book of life!!

  9. Pastor Paul, thank you for baptizing me on Sunday, July 1, 2007. I was baptized as a baby and always thought that was enough, until Sunday when you called anyone who wanted to be baptized to just come forward. Probably after about 100 other people went up I felt the tug of the Holy Spirit to go get baptized publicly as an adult. I feel spiritually rejuvinated. I will never forget you and your powerful sermons. I’m treating July 1st, 2007 as another milestone in my life. Thank you again and may God bless and keep you in the palm of his hand.
    Dona with one N.

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