It’d suck to be these guys

I’m not as big a baseball fan as I used to be… but I still kinda like the Philadelphia Phillies.

I saw this story today and realized that not only would it suck to be a Philly, but it also stinks to be a fan right now…

Yea, but anyways I’m keeping my allegiance, such as it is, with them.

I do wonder though, how does an organization overcome a legacy like this? It’s gonna take more than free t-shirts!

5 thoughts on “It’d suck to be these guys

  1. Paul,
    I knew you were one of my favorites for a reason!! A organization overcomes by looking at the positives.
    I am a Philly fan because they supplied the Batavia Muckdogs (Minor League–Class A) with players for over a decade. In that time numerous players have gone from Single A to Long A to AA to AAA to Philly. That is 5 years if a player is at each level one year. The most noteable are Ryan Howard and Chase Utley. Tonight’s starter, Kyle Kendrick also pitched in Batavia. Imagine the bus rides, PB&J sandwiches, hotel rooms, etc that it took to get there.
    Philadelphia has had a team (good & not so good) for over 100 years so the losses speak to longevity. If the Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox can win so can the Phillies.
    So keep cheering, never give up hope and one day the Phillies may surprise us.

  2. Paul,
    Now it’s official. Your moving to Atlanta really stinks! Just when I was getting to know you, albeit through blogging (not very personal), I find out that there was a fellow philly fan among us! Oh drat!
    Let’s go Phil’s!

    PS — I married into the Phillies fan tradition and I love it! You aren’t a Seattle Seahawks fan too by any chance?

  3. During the all-star game on Tuesday night, it was pretty funny when they brought that up. I don’t remember who said it, but one of the “talking heads” said “one thing is for sure, it’s gonna happen”. “Just get it over with”.

    Assuming they don’t win the next 82 games, it’s a sure lock to happen. Might as well lose the next one and win the last 81 I guess.

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