5 thoughts on “Lexington goes to school

  1. Oh My God…I’m here bawling my eyes out…It brought back the past when I send Kari and VJ off to school…Sherrie had to be in the house crying..My last one is graduating from High school this year and you just ask yourself where did all the years go…These are my babies…Enjoy and treasure every moment you have with those little ladies…They really do have two beautiful parents…Thank You Dear Lord…Love you all. Thanks for sharing with the people back home who care sooooo much for you all…much Love

  2. It is times like this that you ask God to engrave this picture in your mind forever.

    What a great analogy how Abba takes us by the hand and leads those he loves!

    Thanks for sharing – miss you guys!!!!

  3. How CUTE!! How’d it go? Did she have a great day? How exciting for her and for you!!

    She looks so big and grown up!!

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