Funny things kids say

We’ve been reading the kids Bible stories before bed and then making some simple, practical application.

Recently we read the story of Cain and Able. The practical application was “obey God.”

OK… follow me on this one…

We’ve also been teaching the kids that they should not eat poop. (That’s another story).

I know this is a lot of information for “The Ladies” but it is what it is…

The other day, on our date, one of my ladies apparently combined these lessons together. She looked at me, very seriously, and said…

“Dad, we have to listen to God… don’t eat poop.”

Apparently it’s not only mom and dad that don’t want us to eat poop… God doesn’t either.

Ahhhhh… the funny things kids say!

One thought on “Funny things kids say

  1. Oh believe me, I understand the poop conversations. And you wouldn’t think you’d have to be specific about it but you also need to inform your children that God doesn’t want us licking the toilet either! Who knew?

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