Love your pastor

Perry has a post that gives a behind the scenes look at being a pastor.

Read it here.

Please, if you read this blog and know a pastor… bless him/her THIS WEEK!

Three ways to bless your pastor:

  1. Send him a card or an e-mail telling him/her a specific “thing” you appreciate about him/her.
  2. Ask how you can serve in the church.
  3. Defend him/her when you hear someone criticizing him/her.

Darlene has a cool twist on “Pastor appreciation” (read it here)

3 thoughts on “Love your pastor

  1. I have put a new twist on pastor appreciation month this year. I have decided that as I am so new to my church, I am going to spend the month appreciating them. I have sent thank you notes, and am going to make a dinner for one of my congregants. It is my hope that they will feel loved and appreciated by their pastor. I wrote about it.

  2. Pastor Paul,
    I appreciate your blog. I know it takes a lot of extra work to do it. I appreciate your enthusiasm for what you are doing. God has blessed you with a wonderful gift. Miss you at Nothgate and hope the ladies are doing well.

  3. Paul,
    My personal favorite is #3. But then again my love language is words of affirmation. The card/e-mail is a close second. Support of your pastor in a fire-fight demonstrates a partnership and team mentality that is so undervalued in our society.

    I just got invited out for a meal with my wife and another couple that we value as a token of appreciation.

    Tuesday I attended a seminar/luncheon that one of the people at church signed me up for in appreciation.

    Thanks for extending your ministry via blogosphere,

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