Happy Birthday to the blog!

one-year-old-blog.jpgOne year ago on Friday we started the journey called blogging!

So much has happened in one year!

When this blog started I was:

  • Daddy to three girls
  • The lead pastor of a large church
  • Finishing up my master’s degree
  • Living in New York

On it’s first birthday I am:

It’s been an amazing year!

Some stats on the blog…

  • Total posts: 421
  • Total number of comments: 1024
  • Biggest day: 949

Weirdest way someone found this blog:

  • I’ll share this one later this week… it’s a weird one! Believe me!

Coolest way someone found this blog:

  • I love saying this… “Dr. Paul Peterson sex god”

The blog post with the most comments:

One year old! I was going to sing “Happy Birthday” to the blog and put it one video, but then I thought, “Nope… don’t want to do that to my friends!”

So instead I’ll just say, “Thanks for traveling with me on this journey! It’s been an amazing year of learning, sharing, and evolving together! I look forward to traveling this next year with you! Peace!”


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the blog!

  1. Paul,
    Just got your comment on my blog. Would love to chat sometime about church planting in Cincinnati. As for me, I am an Assistant Pastor at a church plant in Cincy and my wife and I are now preparing to launch a new plant (w/ a big group from our church) in the next 12-18 months (also here in Cincinnati). Would love to talk church planting as well as the city of Cincinnati. You can email me at joshua.reitano@gmail.com and check out our church website at http://www.northcincy.org.

  2. Paul,
    I’ve loved my chance to be a part of the semi-regular readership. I’ll leave you to figure out if I meant that in light of my mental condition or my frequency of reading! Hah! I liked it better when you were in NY, but praise God we have the forum of blogging that has decreased the distance. Blog on my friend!

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