Today I was sitting in a coffee shop working on church systems and I overheard a conversation.

A young lady was talking to an older man who she had “slept with” and now he was basically “dumping” her.

I tried not to listen but I couldn’t help but hear her heart breaking as she said, “You told me you loved me.”

I wanted so bad to go hug her. I wanted to share love with her. I wanted to let her know that she is lovely and that just because her “lover” is walking away from her does not mean that she is no longer lovely!  I wanted to tell her that the Creator of the universe loves her and finds her beautiful. I wanted to bring her home to my family so that she could experience the warmth and acceptance of a family. I wanted to but how do you interrupt that kind of a conversation?

Here’s what I know… she is not the only person being “dumped” today. 

We live our lives surrounded by people who have been dumped. They are hurting. They feel alone. They are breaking inside while presenting to the world a fake “I’ve got it all together” act.

Oh my gosh… we, Christians, are called to show the love of God to hurting, dumped, lonely people.

Please hear the silent screams of the hurting around you and extend your love! You may be the ray of hope that keeps them alive.

5 thoughts on “Lonely

  1. Paul when i read this i know your heart, its breaks for those going through this, thank you for all you did for me as i went through a time like this in my life. Love and miss all you guys!

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