The “Feel” of the church

You know what it’s like…

uncertain.jpgYou walk into a new church and immediately, because of the lack of clarity, the unfamiliar environment, the new/strange people, and the unclarified expectations, you develop your own set of expectations… a sense of “what this is going to be like”. You’re not sure “why”… it’s just something you feel.

Our new church will have a “feel” too and we get to determine what it’s like.

Here are some things I expect people to experience when they walk into the church (in the form of a witty acronym) – FEEL

  • Familiar. We will work to eliminate unfamiliarity as much as possible. From the clothes we wear to the music we play; from the location of our church to the messages we present and the terminology we use in presenting them… we will seek to create an environment where there are multiple cultural touch points for the people walking in our doors. We will create an environment that is familiar, as much as possible, for our unchurched/disconnected-from-God friends.
  • Exciting. The church we start will be an exciting place. The music will be loud and high-energy as we celebrate! There will also be moments of quiet intimacy in the presence of our great God! From high intensity celebration to quiet reflection… there will be excitement! The momentum that is started through prayer and continued through stories of life-change will be exciting to the point of addiction! People will leave on Sunday afternoon thinking, “I can’t wait until next Sunday!”
  • Encouraging. We will speak with optimism and enthusiasm about the hope found in Jesus! We will speak the truth of Scripture in a way that confronts brokenness and unhealthy living, but we will do it in such a way as to offer hope! We will create an environment where people can confront their brokenness and leave with the hope of healing.
  • Life-changing. We will create an environment, through prayer, planning, and implementation, in which life-change is normative. Our church will be filled with stories of deliverance from unhealthy addictions, marriages that have been restored, guilt that has been erased, people who have realigned their life priorities, and on and on…! We will be a place where life-change is an expected and regular part of our DNA.

We will be a church that is different from so many secular and religious organizations because of the “FEEL” that we create.

Creating this FEEL will require:

  • A rigorous commitment to hearing the voice of our Leader (Jesus) through prayer.
  • A laser-tight focus on doing a few things with a high degree of excellence.
  • An unwavering policy of execution/implementation… we will do what we say.
  • A continued commitment to cultural relevance without compromising the integrity of our Leader (Jesus) or His Word (the Bible).

That’s the kind of church we’re going to create.

One thought on “The “Feel” of the church

  1. This sounds like a great plan, but I have a few questions. After the people have experienced this “feeling” and they’ve had the life change, what then? What’s your plan for building this “feeling” into a strong, personal relationship with God? One of the marks of maturity is basing your faith on the knowledge of who God is rather than the feelings you have (same with love).

    Just curious how you’re going to take care of the building part, so you don’t have a church full of new believers with no one to mentor them. Hopefully that is another important part of your plan for your new church!

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