What are they looking for?

People find their way to this blog through a variety of methods. One of them is by “googling” a topic.

searching.jpgFor instance, people often find this blog by typing in “Paul Peterson”.

Some of the weird ways that people have found this blog recently include:

  • Woman boss loves woman subordinate
  • Shoulders
  • Birdfeeder
  • Buzz Lurman

What the heck are these people looking for and HOW are they ending up on my blog after searching for these things is beyond me!

At least they’re not getting here by typing in what someone typed in to end up at Dave Anderson’s blog! (Click here to see what I mean)

One thought on “What are they looking for?

  1. Hey Paul. Just keep blogging – eventually you’ll get weird hits. Even this may help you get some – my weirdest to date “wet panties” – yep. I blogged about a busted dryer and now perverts find my blog about Jesus. With this comment – they should find yours too.

    Thanks for the link!

    Oh – more people took the tithing challenge today. Im excited!

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