God’s not taking a break (Part 1)

Imagine if the local church grew every day!

Suppose every day someone discovered hope, forgiveness, peace, and love through the work of the local church connecting people to Jesus! How great would that be?

I believe this should be normative.

Based on what we know about God, I believe that the local church should expect to grow and actually grow everyday.

Follow me on this:

  • God is serious enough about bringing people to Himself that He invested the life of His Son in this mission! He put blood on the ground for this cause! (check out these verses)
  • Jesus, God’s Son, said that His mission was to “seek and save those who were lost” (aka disconnected from God). As He left earth to go back to His Father for a while He handed over His mission to His followers. We now call this the Great Commission. The passion of God and the mission of Jesus continues… through the efforts of the local church!

Do we honestly believe, considering the above verses, that there’s ever a day when God sits back and says, “Ahhhh… today I’m going to take a break. I’m not super interested in rescuing anyone today.”

Do we really believe this?

The answer is NO!

Church, followers of Jesus, we believe that every day God is bringing people to Himself through faith in Jesus Christ.

We believe that every day God is working through His body (i.e. the church) to bring forgiveness, love, hope, and adventure to guilty, lonely, frustrated, and bored people.

God is NOT taking a break. He is NOT tired of breathing life into people.

Read these verses to hear the heartbeat of God. 

God’s not taking a break! His fervor for this mission of bringing people to Himself has not lessened! His passionate desire has one outlet through which it is expressed… the local church!

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