Redeeming the name

Right now being a Peterson is a potential liability!

Think about it…

  • Scott Peterson (convicted murderer)
  • Drew Peterson (suspected murderer)
  • Kelci Peterson (25 year old teacher who ran off with a 13 year old student)

I must redeem the name!

  • Adrian Peterson is the rookie running back for the Minnesota Vikings. He recently set an NFL record for rushing yards in a single game (296) and is positioning himself to break Eric Dickerson’s record for the most rushing yards by a rookie.
  • Joe Peterson is the owner of one of the top rated restaurants in Central Indiana promising an “unmatchable ambience [while] serving only the best to patrons.”
  • And then, of course, there’s always this guy. (Only time will tell if this guy is a liability or an asset to the name!)

So PLEASE, if you hear the name “Peterson” today, don’t allow the first thought to be your only thought! We’re not all thugs and killers!

2 thoughts on “Redeeming the name

  1. So, you don’t choose the option of changing the (your) name? Very good! In an age where many want to discard a name that has been tarnished, you choose to redeem the name…

    Take for instance the name, “Christian;” many today refuse to identify themselves by that name anymore for fear of association with “bad petersons.” Instead, they have chosen to change their names to “Christ followers” or some other similar associative title. I prefer your thinking…redeem the name rather than abandon it.

  2. Well those date nights in Poland, Ohio have helped the name… they named the center park in town “Peterson Park.”

    You have already brought great honor to both your earthly father in the way that you have conducted yourself as a Peterson, and truely a greater honor to your heavenly Father as a Christian.

    Love ya dude!

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