The five most viewed posts of November

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now Christmas is nipping at our nose… or is that Jack Frost?

Anyways, November is over and so, as we do every month, it’s time to review the top five posts of the month beginning with the most viewed post…

  • Who is Paul Peterson? For the third month in a row this page is the most viewed page on this blog! Thanks for checking out this blog! Hey, I can make your viewing experience a LOT easier! Simply sign up to get this blog in your e-mail OR in your reader!
  • Blogs worth checking out Again, for the third month in a row this page is the second most viewed page on this blog. On this page I highlight some of my favorite blogs! I do update from time to time so you may want to keep an eye on them!

Honorable Mention:

Two posts tied for “honorable mention” this month…

  • Lonely In this post I reflect on a heartbreaking conversation I was unfortunate enough to overhear.

And that’s it for November!

Looking forward to Christmas… without snow! 😉

3 thoughts on “The five most viewed posts of November

  1. Hi Paul: Stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago. Good stuff. I really admire you guys who start new churches. I am a pastor in Grandville, MI. I have been trying to find a way to email you from the blog. Can’t find it. Anyway, I wanted to tell you about my book Giving Faith a Second Chance (August 2007). It is a great resource for new church starts to futher understand the dechurched and also a tool to reach out/welcome new members. Please check out my website and blog – and Many blessings in your ministry.

  2. As much as i hate the cold and blowing snow when you are trying to drive or get out of your drive ways…There is nothing more peaceful or beautiful than comming out of service on christmas eve seeing the beauty of the fresh failing white snow…and waking on christmas moring seeing the ground and trees all covered with it…..that is Gods natural beauity to me… now if he could just keep it off all the roads and driveways… in Wester NY would not be that bad..It fact it would be the best because we have the beautiy of ALL four seasons,,,Just some positive thinking on this cold snowy moring….Love you all

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