Some waddup

First of all on the “waddup” list is the fact that right now it is almost sixty degrees. Please don’t hate me!  (That was to all of my friends in the north!)

OK, on to the serious stuff…

  • I have just finished a most incredible book on systems – The E-Myth Revisited! One of the valuable “take-aways” for me was the fact that whatever system we create should be reproducible! This is huge for those of us who are doing or going to be doing multi-site churches! By the way… Mountain Lake Church is doing a great job at this!
  • This past weekend I was at three different churches observing, learning, and worshipping:
    • Mountain Lake Church (my current home church pastored by the inimitable Shawn Lovejoy)
    • Brownsbridge Church (a satellite venue of Northpoint Community Church pastored by Andy Stanley)
    • 12 Stone Church. (pastored by Kevin Myers)
    • All three of these churches have an incredible story of God’s blessing coupled with innovative, risk-taking leadership resulting in incredible growth. It is a life-shaping experience to visit and learn from these churches and leaders.
  • While we were at 12 Stone Church I was able to meet Dan Reiland. Now that’s a real treat! This man has an incredible heart for Jesus and the church and a mind to match! Among other things, he authors the “The Pastor’s Coach”, a bi-monthly newsletter that is always packed to the brim with helpful insight! You can sign up to receive it by clicking here!
  • I know our church name.
  • Jeff Murphy is my partner in crime in this church planting residency. He is up and blogging and he’s beautiful person, but besides all that… he’s posted some incredible statistics about church planting which you can read here!
  • This Thursday is the first of a series of six monthly coaching events for church planters hosted by Mountain Lake Church through This is an incredible experience for me to sit in the room and hear the Mountain Lake team talk to other church planters about the best practices for church planters.
  • I’m lining up visits to several more church plants to watch their set-up & tea-down process and to pick the brains of the planting pastors. Again, this is an amazing experience! If you are considering planting a church… may I recommend the Mountain Lake experience BEFORE you plant! Click here to learn more.

Well, I suppose that’s enough “waddup” for one day…

One thought on “Some waddup

  1. Does that mean I’ve arrived as a blogger-once-removed since I got linked onto yours which got linked onto his?! 😉 Ahhh…forget it…think I’ll go shovel some snow…

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