Some blog love

Hey guys,

From time to time I like to point out some undiscovered greatness in the blogosphere.

Here are two lady leaders who are passionately and intelligently doing the work of God in this world:

  • Darlene is a pastor in New York who used to be on my team at Northgate Church. She is now the lead pastor at a church in Parma, NY and doing some great things. She has a hilarious post about baptism that will put a smile on your face! (Click here to read it) Keep up the great work Darlene!
  • Crystal is a teacher in Georgia who’s passion for what she does will absolutely rock your world! I’ve never met Crystal, but she goes to Mountain Lake Church, and I’m hoping to connect with her soon! Crystal, I love your passion and am sure that many little lives are being shaped for the good because you are their teacher!

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