What are they looking for?

searching.jpg Unbelievable, flattering, embarrassing, what the heck were they looking for? These are some of the words that come to mind when I see the words/phrases that people have searched for on the internet that ultimately landed them on my blog.

Here are some of the eyebrow-lifters that have pointed people to this blog. Keep in mind, some of them I have NO CLUE how they ended up here:

  • “written tributes to great men” – and they ended up here? Hmmmm… I’m going with “awe shucks” on this one! đŸ˜‰
  • “five girls lucky dude” – I’m living it and it’s a dream!
  • “when you’re going to have a baby” – I know a thing or four about this though I’m not sure I’ve ever blogged about it!
  • “natural beauty” – that’s how I roll! 8)
  • “god bless your family + italian translation” – Huh?
  • “church on the moon” – this is about as out of the box as you can get!
  • “birds of a feather flock together bible” – I’ll bet they read this bible on the moon!

Have a GREAT weekend!

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