The five most viewed posts of December

Gosh… I can’t believe it’s 2008! It just seems like yesterday we were freaking out about Y2K!

And now, with no further ado… I give you the five most viewed posts of December… the only December of 2007!

  • For the fourth month in a row Who is Paul Peterson is the #1 most viewed page on this blog! Thank you to all of you who are checking out this blog and traveling this journey with me!
  • Dropping to #3 from it’s three month tenure in the #2 spot is Blogs Worth Checking Out. These are some of my favorite blogs… a great starting point if you’ve just started reading blogs!
  • With only five days on this blog, What hurts the Father’s heart made a quick climb to the #4 spot! In this post I talk about how I feel when I see my little girl with some special needs, shunned by her sisters, and correspondingly, how God must feel when He sees the church shun those in need.

Up for honorable mention:

Hey guys, I pray you all have a GREAT 2008 in which you celebrate, meditate, evaluate, don’t hesitate, and levitate! Love to ya’ll!


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