Some waddup

There’s plenty of “waddup” in this church planting journey!

Some high points:

  • Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with JR Lee, a church planter whose church (Freedom Church) will launch on January 28th… and I’ll be there! I enjoyed my time with JR. He is a man of God who spoke strongly into my life and called out some areas, unknowingly, that I need to address in my own walk with God.
  • This weekend Mountain Lake Church officially becomes one church in two locations! They are meeting in a church building and in a high school… at the same time! At the Christmas Eve service they had 650 people show up at the high school! I can’t wait to see how the launch goes this weekend! It’s so cool to be learning from these guys!
  • Next Thursday is the second church planters coaching session. This is an incredible experience! I get to sit around a table with nine or ten other church planters in all different phases of the planting experience (from not launched yet to three years into the life of the church) and listen to them talk about the various issues they are working through, and then I get to listen to the Mountain Lake Team offer solutions! What a great life!
  • Next weekend I’m going to Revolution Church. These guys are meeting in a theater and running about 700 on a weekend! I’m going to show up at 5 a.m. to observe and help with the set-up. Will I fall asleep in the service? I doubt it with Gary preaching!
  • On January 16th Sherri, “The Ladies” and I are headed up to Cincinnati for a few days.
  • On January 18-20 I will be speaking at a retreat! Gosh, I can’t wait! We’ll stay in Cincinnati through the 23rd. I can’t wait to hear God in the Northwest!

And so the journey continues with more and more “waddup” happening every day!

2 thoughts on “Some waddup

  1. Paul,

    I’m going to be out at the churchplanters conference as well man! I’m pretty pumped about attending this year. How has the residency been going at Mountain Lake? Also, when are you looking to launch? Looking forward to hearing more.


  2. How come I have a feeling that part of hearing God in the northwest is going to be listening to HIm at Gold Star? 🙂 I think He most definitely speaks louder there, and I can’t wait to enjoy that moment with you when you get here.

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