Being daddy

Reading from Strong Father’s, Strong Daughters, I came across this incredible quote,

“Your daughter’s attitude toward herself comes directly from you. Her expectations, her ambitions, and her assessment of her own capabilities all come from what you believe – what you say, and what you do. As a father, you have to ask yourself what sort of woman you want your daughter to become.”

God, help me to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for each of my Ladies.

3 thoughts on “Being daddy

  1. Paul, I want you to know just how true this is. As a grown daughter, I often come across beliefs and attitudes toward myself and especially toward God that come directly from my relationship with my dad. I have a healthy self esteem because my dad constantly told me how valuable I was.I have healthy expectations of the men in my life because my daddy always treated me like a lady. Even though my dad didn’t come to church with us much and wasn’t what I would consider a spiritual role-model-most of what I believe, I mean deep-down instinctively believe about God comes from what I’ve seen modeled in my dad. Your role is HUGE and I’m so thankful that you see that! I’m certain that your grown-up ladies will one day say the same and even better of you when encouraging other young dads:)

  2. Bravo to you Paul–I am so proud of my girls and how they all three turned out…I can see what attitudes and qualities they have recieved from a great supportive Dad. Sometimes Mom was weepy and feeling like she needed to step in and help straighten a few people out who try to hurt our girls but Dad in all his strength holds me back and says let them learn to be strong …Encourage them and love them but let them handle it on their own. And because they learned so well as young children and have good self-esteems and feelings about themselves they do come through with flying colors..Yes Paul, Daddy’s play a very, very important part in little girls lives —keep up the good work…God Bless

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