Sherri’s at the grocery store and I’m home alone with “The Ladies” (all four of them).

Listening to Harry Connick Jr…. in a moment of inspiration I grabbed Lexington and we danced together, around the kitchen, for two songs.

After our dance I went into the ladies’ bedroom to check on the other three ladies and Reagan looked up at me from her toys and said, “I love you. You’re my best friend.”

All I can say is that at this moment I could not be more satisfied.

10 thoughts on “Satisfied

  1. Paul
    It doesn’t get much better than those words coming from Reagan. WOW what a great thing to hear!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Greetings brother Paul! Just wondering if you’ve read any of Donald Miller’s books. I just finished “Searching For God Knows What”. It blew me away.

    Also, I recommend a book on leadership called “Flight Of The Buffalo”. It’s about empowering employees to soar for excellence. It’s all about getting your organization to act like a flock of geese where there are multiple leaders depending on skills rather than a herd of buffalo where the herd is lost without the head buffalo. Great read there too.

  3. Pastor Paul

    WOW – I know when the girls tell me they love me and I am the bestest mom, it is just the greatest thing to me.

    I hope you and “The Ladies” are all doing well. We miss you so much though…..

  4. That’s how I felt when JD thanked me for making his birthday cake and that he loved it. I wish I had a recording of it to play over and over!!

  5. Don’t wear that Pittsburgh hat in Cincinnati! You better sneak into town or find a Bengals hat. Picture is awesome.

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