Being around Jesus

I’m reading through the Gospel of Mark right now and again, I realize…

people get better when they are exposed to Jesus.

Does that make you want to live differently? It sure does me… I want to give the rest of my life to the cause of exposing people to Jesus in engaging and gracious ways.

Why? Because I know how much my life has been “bettered” since I have been exposed to Him!

Pre-Jesus I was a:

  • Pothead
  • High School dropout
  • Wanderer

Post-Jesus I…

  • am married to my best-friend and bride of ten years and daddy to “The Ladies” (four little girls)
  • am a preacher and a leader
  • have 2 masters degrees (from high school dropout to a bunch of letters behind my name, three of which are GED)
  • On a mission for the rest of my life

Pre-Jesus, I hated my life so much that I actually tried to get out of it.

Post-Jesus, I love being alive so much that sometimes I just want to scream (not a girlie scream… a deep throated manly bellow)

Pre-Jesus, I always felt guilty, was scared of death, and lacked purpose.

Post-Jesus, I am forgiven, not afraid of anything, and I know what I have been made to do.

Gosh, life after Jesus is so much better!  Why wouldn’t we want to share this kind of life-changing relationship with everyone?

3 thoughts on “Being around Jesus

  1. Paul,
    Actually being around Jesus is a watershed. You either get better or you get worse. You chose or were graced into the getting better. Many that we know and love, when faced with a “what will you do with Jesus” moment, simply harden their hearts and get worse. Although I am not sure if they can get more lost.
    Thank you Jesus that You rescued me from choosing my own stuff and staying on the worse side!

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