Yesterday I spent the day surrounded by church planters!

We were participating in the church planters coaching network here at Mountain Lake Church.

Earlier this week I was able to spend the day with JR Lee and his team from Freedom Church.  This weekend I will be observing one of their “practice” services, and on the 27th I will be attending the very first, “official” service of Freedom Church!

In February I will be observing Revolution church in action. They meet in a theater and minister to hundreds of people every weekend (they had 1,000 people attend their services last weekend)! Afterwards I will be eating lunch with their connections pastor to pick his brain about the assimilation process!

These are amazing days!

It is incredible to sit with men and women who have heard the call of God on their lives and stepped out to start churches that are focused on helping people discover the life that Jesus promised!

It is incredible to evolve as a man of God and a church planter.

I love this journey and am deeply grateful to Shawn and David for allowing me to live with Mountain Lake Church and churchplanters.com for a year!

One thought on “Evolving

  1. Paul – where is the Revolution church? I think Ive heard of them- are they an independent ?

    for those of us not fully aware of your work – I know your goal is to plant – but how does it work ? is there a sponsor or core group?



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