The five most viewed posts of January

January. It’s here and gone already… and I’ve only worn a coat three times!

OK, enough rubbing it in…

Here’s the five most viewed posts on this blog during this month:

  • Who is Paul Peterson – For the fifth month in a row this post comes in at #1! This means that a lot of you are checking this blog out for the first time. Thanks for taking the journey with me!
  • My teeth are clinched with determination – A blog post written right after I got an e-mail from my real estate agent telling me that our house sale had fallen through… for the second time! Someday this is gonna make for a good story! Right now it’s still pretty fresh and stinky.
  • The top five characteristics of a good friend – DANG… this one was written back in July and has moved back up into the top five! Must be some people needing some friends! Move over Dr. Phil… Pastor Paul’s got a word to say about friendships!

Runner up:

  • Satisfied – Ahhhhh… a post written right after a GREAT daddy and Lexington moment!

Hey guys, thanks for checking out and interacting with this blog!

My expectation is that we will grow together as we process life out loud so stay with me and let’s travel together!

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