The top five reasons your church website sucks

Ready for this? Then let’s get to it

  1. Your website sucks because it is still telling me about your Christmas program!
  2. Your website sucks because I can’t find pictures of your pastors/leaders.
  3. Your website sucks because it has pictures of people on it who don’t go to your church… you got them from some generic website.
  4. Your website sucks because I keep landing on pages that say, “Under Construction.”
  5. Your website sucks because it makes me search for what should be obvious (e.g. service times, location, etc.).

What should you do if your website sucks?

  1. Contact Justin Michau or Cory Miller for starters. (Any other suggestions here?)
  2. Less is better so take some of that junk off!
  3. Pay attention to it! People are looking at it and make decisions on you and your church based on what they see or don’t see on your website!

11 thoughts on “The top five reasons your church website sucks

  1. Anyone feel like giving me some constructive criticism on the new site I am almost done with for my church? I am still waiting on some text and some photos but it is almost there I think, I hope it doesn’t suck!

    Send your thoughts to

  2. Location should definitely be listed on the front page! Can’t believe the number of sites you have to search for even what state they’re in!

    Video downloads are nice, but only as a choice to click on—not as an opening page. They take too long to load and people won’t wait!

    And maybe it’s just me, but I rarely read long, wordy paragraphs—I love knowing how the church’s story, beliefs, great stuff, etc—short and to the point

  3. Classic bro. If I don’t know what the pastor looks like, I ain’t showin’ up. If he’s ugly I ain’t showin up either!

  4. You left off the most important one!

    1: It sucks because you should not have a web site being that the web and the technology behind it wasn’t developed by people who know the Truth that the earth is 6,000 years old!

    Any Church that has a website is directly supporting science and those who believe that the glory of heaven speaks to Gods grandeur which we all know isn’t in the Bible!

    Remember science = Satan!

  5. The world of church websites is indeed somewhat depressing. We have created a self-assessment design tool to help churches develop their sites, especially in terms of being accessible to outsiders:

    Design tool

    In addition, we are about to publish a parable story ‘A tale of two golf clubs’ to illustrate the same principles.



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