2 thoughts on “Be great at ordinary

  1. I have a bunch of quotes written down from that book and I always pick one to read and think about before each one of my games and that was the one that I read today before my game.

  2. Again, as I am preaching through the book of Titus, I find that the list for the qualifications of elders is really not a checklist as much as it is a summary of excellence. As Chuck Noll observed, it is the daily that makes for greatness, not the exceptional play. The list in Titus begins with a discussion of being blameless at home. The life of the leader springs out of the life of the family man.

    By the way, read the post “Jack’s list of eight things” above. I was intrigued that the list does not include character issues. Titus seems to say, “pick men of character and the rest will take care of itself”. My friend Rollin calls this the Zen Philosophy of Ministry: “Be before do” 🙂

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