Some waddup

There’s some pretty cool stuff on the horizon over these next few weeks:

  • Yesterday was the monthly church planters coaching meeting. I was able to sit in a room full of ten or so church planters and listen to David and Shawn talk about the importance of team in a church plant. These sessions are one of the highlights of this residency!
  • Tonight is my first Father & Daughter dance with Lexington! I can’t wait to dance with my princess!
  • This weekend we are going to Revolution Church. These guys are meeting in a theater and running almost 1,000 people! They are innovative and determined to help people find Jesus. I’ll be there at 5 a.m. to help with the set-up process! After church and tear-down we are going to lunch with Preston Porter, the Connections Pastor @ Revolution church. He and his wife have three boys. I told him that for 100 goats I would allow my daughters to mingle with his sons. We’ll see if he comes bearing goats.
  • In two weeks the conference is coming up! That is going to be incredible… hundreds of church planters and pastors under one roof learning how to “Evolve” as a pastor and leader and lead their churches to do the same!
  • Next week I’m going to announce on this blog, one of the people who will be starting Walls Down Church with me.

4 thoughts on “Some waddup

  1. Enjoy the night with your princess. Please take a picture and put it on the site. I’m sure Sherri has picked just the right dress for her. Have a marvelous time and enjoy every moment! Blessings,

  2. I am so glad things are going well for you!!! BUT PLEASE COME BACK!! We even considered moving to Ohio!! I really miss hearing you preach! Have fun withyour doughter, those times are precious and few! Much Love!

  3. I hope you enjoy your night with your little princess–They can be the greatest times of your life–You will always remember this on that day you dance with her –that you have given her away to another man..The memories will flood your mind. You are a great Dad…

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