The dance

On Friday night I was honored to be Lexington’s date for the evening.

I’ve often said that I only wear a suit for two reasons: funerals and weddings. On Friday night I discovered a third reason… my daughter’s dance.

FUNNY SIDE NOTE: as I was putting on my tie for the evening, Dallas (our two year old) looked at me and said, “Daddy, what is that?” 😉

Anyhow, the evening in pictures:

Lexington’s march down the red carpet…

10 thoughts on “The dance

  1. You both look wonderful!! My dad would tell you to wear the suit/tie more often. Remember you have more daughters/dances coming!! Lexington looks so grown up. She looks like a princess. God bless

  2. Moments like those always touch my heart. Your children are bless to have you as their father. I can’t think of another better reason to wear a suit.

  3. Hey Paul.

    You make real dads everywhere proud. We are more than just suits and paychecks, and things like this are a wonderful gift to our children. Keep up the good work!

    I’m a dad too, if you haven’t already guessed, and my kids mean everything to me. Feel free to link any of your dad posts to my blog at:

    I’ll be happy to share with my readers…



  4. Paul, It brought tears to my eyes–it reminded me of our times out to Mexican—Lexington has grown up so well . You make an awesome Dad -You are doing a great job–Someday you will look back at your girls and feel great about how God lead you to be such a great Dad. Just keep following his leading, It all pays off. Every big and little moment. We love you—God Bless

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