Engaging men in ministry to children

What would happen if every man in the church made it a point to greet the children and tell them how excited they were to see them in church?

Imagine a young boy who’s dad has checked out on him. He comes to church on the weekend and seven or eight men act excited to see him.

Imagine a young girl who’s dad hasn’t affirmed her in a while. She walks into church and is the center of attention, at least for a short time, for several men.

Imagine if I did that for your kids and you did that for mine!

In addition to a hoppin’ kids ministry that would be an INCREDIBLE investment in the lives of our children!

Imagine a place where children are affirmed multiple times within an hour by adult men!

Men, the next time you go to church… make it a point to affirm a child! It’s easy and has the potential to positively influence that child for life!

P.S. Women can certainly do this too!

P.S.S. Thanks to Rob Vogelmann for this great idea!

P.S.S. I am not naive in writing this post. I realize that there are some men (and women) who should not be a part of this for obvious reasons. This is another reason why godly men SHOULD pay attention to our kids!

5 thoughts on “Engaging men in ministry to children

  1. As a girl who grew up in a church with many godly males who regularly affirmed her in a positive, Christ-like manner–it has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. As I interact with people and realize how rare this is, I am learning to value it more. THanks for the suggestion.

  2. Intergenerational cross-pollination (older men teaching younger men and women) is a cool function of the body of Christ! As a pastor, I want lots of people to be involved with young people, not just the youth workers! As for men involved in ministry to kids, we have an all-male team of “released time” teachers, ministering to kids from our community! This traditionally has been a female dominated ministry! We are having a great time sharing God’s Word with these eager hearts! 🙂

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