The first teammember of Walls Down Church is…

I am so excited to announce that the first official team member of Walls Down Church is…

Rindy Walton!

Rindy will be leading our Children’s Ministry as well as overseeing our Guest Services Teams.

Rindy is a passionate, talented lady with an incredible story of brokenness and healing! She believes in the power of God to bring love, hope and transformation because she has experienced it!

She is a physical therapist with a heart for hurting people in general and children in particular.

Over the last couple years God has formed a relationship between Rindy’s family and mine which makes it very exciting for all of us as we anticipate working together!

We are looking forward to working with Rindy, Tim, Matt, and Dan to help people discover the life that Jesus promised!

(You can read Rindy’s announcement here)

9 thoughts on “The first teammember of Walls Down Church is…

  1. This sounds so exciting. I read some of her blog and she sounds wonderful. I am so happy for you and Sherri and really look forward to when you all move here. Tell Sherri hello for me.

  2. What great news! I had the opportunity to get to know Rindy through her blog and I am SO excited she’s on your team. Congrats to Rindy and to Walls Down!

  3. Congratulations Paul—Rindy will be a great asset to your new church—We will miss her and the boys. I am very excited for all of you and I will continued to pray for you and the building of you staff and for Rindy’s new move… God Bless

  4. God has sent you wonderful additions to your team. Not only do you get Rindy but the boys too. I’ll be praying for a smooth transition for everyone.

  5. Paul,

    Very cool! I just posted on Rindy’s blog how cool it is that I have had the chance (as a guy who has never met either of you!) to follow both of your blogs over the last year. It’s been cool to watch it all unfold.

    Blessings, man.

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