Guitar Hero Playoffs… the end of the story & a few other things

I’m wrapping up an incredible two days coming out of the church planters conference!

Some highlights include:

  • Advancing to the final round of the Guitar Hero Playoffs! I lost to Jay Hardwick in a hard fought battle! Good job Jay!
  • Processing this whole experience with my bride and the first publicly announced staff member of Walls Down church, Rindy Walton.
  • Meeting a TON of incredible young church planters.
  •  Watching the amazing volunteers of Mountain Lake Church in action! These men and women are the best! Way to go guys!
  • Being affirmed, again, by God in our decision to plant Walls Down Church!

What a great two days!

7 thoughts on “Guitar Hero Playoffs… the end of the story & a few other things

  1. Wow Paul!!
    I didn’t know you were a hard core rocker under all that pastoral exterior. Good on you man! Also great to hear that God is continuing to work in and through you, and that the last two days were so encouraging.

  2. Hey!!!! I am talented and handsome too!!! Well… maybe not the talented part… prob not the handsome either… ok… you were right to leave that part off…

    It was very nice to meet you in person. I for sure felt a kindred spirit. Look forward to learning together! Thank you for your kind comment…

    BTW: I love Jay but they should have let you two guys finish that song!!!

  3. i’m with reeder…they should have let it go to the end. i think it’s fair to say that freebird kicked both our tails!

    great to meet you in person. looking forward to tracking your journey and hearing and seeing all that God does in cincy!

  4. Wow, your fame has reached the halls of my school! A Student just informed me about your guitar hero battle! Way to go my friend! I’m glad the conference has been going so well. Maybe in a couple of years you can host the conference at Walls Down!

  5. Very nice to meet you and your wife this week. It’ so great to be able to connect with people who are journeying along with us! BTW: I love the adjective! “Astute” is a great descriptive of my man! 😉

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