Leadership Lessons from Tony Dungy (part 3)

  • “The best way to achieve success […] is by attention to detail and a commitment to the fundamentals – doing the ordinary things better than anyone else.”
  • “Whatever it takes. No excuses. No explanations.”
  • There will always be adversity. You either adjust or you crumble. Leaders adjust and help their team do the same.
  • Put your team in tough situations and you’ll quickly discover their character.
  • Doing well “under the circumstances” doesn’t cut it. “We couldn’t let circumstances matter. If things got unusually tough, for whatever reason, we still had to function and get the job done.” The fact that Tony led his team to a Super Bowl championship just weeks after his son committed suicide proves that he lives this way.

One thought on “Leadership Lessons from Tony Dungy (part 3)

  1. I love the second quote, “whatever it takes. no excuses. no explanations. It’s a great quote when your on a team and during my season I referred back to that chapter several times.

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