Some waddup

Life in bullet points. Ahhhh… it’s great to be simple!

  • It snowed today!

  • I was able to spend some time with JR Lee and Todd Lollis the lead pastor and executive pastor from Freedom Church. I’ve learned a lot from these guys and always count it an honor to spend time with them! We talked about systems in the church while we sat in a freezing cold office… it’s a long story! 🙂
  • Next Wednesday I’ll be heading out for a missions trip to Las Vegas. We’ll be serving Grace Point Church, pastored by Devin Hudson, and helping in the community. I’m looking forward to that!
  • I’m handling my e-mail differently because I downloaded and read “The Low Information Diet: How To Eliminate E-Mail Overload and Triple Productivity in 24 Hours.” You can have it too by clicking here.
  • Rindy and I are doing a lot of work on our systems! You can check out the progress on the Walls Down Blog.
  • Did I mention that it snowed here today?
  • Sherri had a birthday last weekend and for the second year in a row I surprised the socks off of her! I arranged with one of her best friends to secretly fly down here and spend the weekend with her! Her husband and I provided childcare and Sherri and Jess enjoyed each others company for the whole day on Saturday! Rock on with your bad self Mr. Paul Peterson!

One thought on “Some waddup

  1. I love how that little sprinkling of white stuff counts as snow in Georgia… Do you have any idea what it looks like in NY right now?

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