Julie Miller is an all star

A big part of starting a brand new church is raising funds!

Every month I write an update and send it out to our Connection Partners.

Our Connection Partners are those people that receive the monthly update. Many of these partners are supporting us either through prayer and/or finances! Our salary this year is being underwritten by these generous, visionary partners!

OK, enough of that…

The point of this post is to celebrate an incredible lady!

Every month after I write the letter, Julie Miller takes over! She cuts, folds, stuffs, stamps, and sends the letters! I am so grateful for Julie!

Today Julie was joined by another all-star… Vinnie!

I celebrate these guys and consider them to be an integral part of this process!

4 thoughts on “Julie Miller is an all star

  1. Hey Paul,
    Is it possible for my wife and I to receive an ‘e-copy’ of your update? Postage to Australia would be crazy. But we would love to keep up with what you’re doing and it would be very helpful to us to see how you do this work of gathering partners for this new work!

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