Leadership Lessons from Tony Dungy (part 5)

  • If you want loyalty from your team, be loyal to them. Stick by your teammates when the chips are down.
  • Don’t be scared to defy the experts. Maybe someday they’ll look to you as the trend setter.
  • When you’ve made your hire, don’t second guess yourself by wondering how things would have been if you would have picked someone else. Either teach them or fire them.
  • “There’s no time during the game to look back; the play clock is running.”
  • Sometimes we just mess up. “Just because a decision is deliberate doesn’t mean hindsight won’t make it clearer. And walking closely with the Lord, trusting Jesus, and looking to the Bible for guidance doesn’t guarantee that we’ll always make the right decision.” When we mess up, we don’t whine or wonder what would be if we had done it differently; we simply learn and move on.

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