Las Vegas – Day 1

We’re in Las Vegas!

I’m here on a world care trip (i.e. a missions trip) with five great guys! We will be serving Grace Point Church by representing them in various capacities in the community (e.g. serving lunch to the hungry; helping a local school with some janitorial work, etc.). I’ll be blogging more about that in upcoming posts.

First of all, some thoughts and pictures…

Everything here is the same color! All of the houses, landscaping, etc. looks the same! The color of choice is beige!
The mountainous terrain is breathtaking! I’ve never been this far west before and I’m sorry about that! Someday I’ll bring my family out here to experience this beauty!

There is a Starbucks on every corner. Surely God doth love this place.

There is no grass here! They use rocks instead of grass! Seriously!

OK, what you see here is rocks along the highway where there is normally grass. I guess it’s what you do when you live in the desert!

Imagine the money they save on weedkiller! 😉

Today we toured the Hoover Dam. WOW! Every time I see the creative genius of humanity I am reminded that we are created in the image of The Creator! Every creative expression of ours points back to our point of origin… God.

And the last observation before I turn in…

Six men in a minivan do not stop to ask directions. If anyone even suggests it he will have to turn in his man-card.

Oh, one more thing, and this one’s a little personal so turn away…

Babe, I miss you like crazy! I love being your husband! I can’t wait to fly home again!

Lexington, Reagan, Dallas, and Ashton, “Ladies”, Daddy misses you tons and can’t wait to see you in a few days!

And now to all, “Goodnight.”

One thought on “Las Vegas – Day 1

  1. God certainly did creation well. If you’d ask for directions, you would have had longer to view man’s wonderful creation (the dam) and God’s river.
    I’ve been all over the US so I understand being in awe. Aren’t those mountains majestic!! I remember first seeing the Rockies in the distance; moose up close in Yellowstone; the cavernous Grand Canyon; etc. How fortunate I was to have parents who believed education doesn’t lie just within the school. I hope you will someday be able to share those mountains with your ladies. I’m sure they’re missing you too!

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