Las Vegas – Day 3

Serving on a missions team is an incredible experience! If you’ve never done it… DO IT!

Here’s how day three unfolded:

  • We started the day out by serving at the local middle school where Grace Point Church meets on the weekend. Our job was to clean up the gum that the kids spit on the ground. A few thoughts on that experience:
    • I may never chew gum again.
    • It is good to serve in humble roles. I don’t always need to be the “Big Guy.”
    • Serving in this capacity made me appreciate Otis more. Otis is the janitor who has done this for the last 28 years. In times past I would not have appreciated him as much as I do today. He is a man who consistently shows up for work and carries his weight. Otis, I appreciate you.
    • My tools for the day…

  • After scraping gum we ran back to the hotel to get showered and ready to serve the teachers a “Teacher’s Appreciation lunch” from Grace Point Church. It was great to see the smile on the teachers’ faces as they realized why they were being served!
  • I was able to spend some time with Devin Hudson, the founder and lead pastor of Grace Point Church. I enjoyed talking some theology with him (he has a Ph.D. in New Testament Theology)! I learned from him as he talked about community service, staff development, and systems in a fast growing church.
  • Came back to the room and took a cat nap! Ahhhhh….
  • Went out in the community to pass out door-hangers advertising Grace Point’s upcoming Easter services. I’ll post later about a few things God showed me as I was pounding the pavement. This was the view we had while passing out door-hangers…

  • Wrapped up the evening with WAY to many wings from Buffalo Wild Wings!

Some random thoughts:

  • I wore three different outfits today (one for scrubbing gum; one for serving teachers; and one for hanging door-hangers). Am I sick or just turning metro? KIDDING!
  • I have laughed so much these last few days. I need to laugh more. The Bible says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine” (Proverbs 17:22). I need to be intentional about surrounding myself with good friends and cheerful encounters!
  • Most people have rock lawns. The few that do have green in their lawns use astro turf. For a guy that hates landscaping… this is paradise!

  • I really miss my ladies!

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