Las Vegas – Day 5

We wrapped up our time in Vegas by getting to the High School where Grace Point Church meets and helping them set up.

These guys are fans of Portable Church Industries and use their equipment to the max! I think Devin may have talked me into at a minimum having a conversation with PCI.

Andy and I had to draw stick figures on boxes for a game their kids were going to play. I’d tell you how good we did, but there are pictures…

OK, so we’re not artists, but at least we had fun and created something the kids wouldn’t mind destroying! 😉

Devin talked about Heaven and spit a big piece of meat-stick out of his mouth… yup, he sure did! Of course it was an accident, but it sure was funny!

I enjoyed learning from and spending time with Ty Neal, their Family Pastor and extreme door-hanger champion!

Meeting Wojo was a great experience too! This guy can sing and has some of the best people skills I’ve seen! If you’re handing out free stuff to college kids it’s an experience, but throw Wojo into the mix and it’s a high-adventure, laugh-til-you-hurt, I-can’t-believe-he-just-did-that kind of experience!

Bottom line for me, this trip was a life changer! Two key takeaways:

  • Missions teams are an incredible resource, and when properly engaged, they provide mutual benefit! The guys at Grace Point have figured out how to engage Missions Teams in the local context as good as anyone I’ve seen! Walls Down Church will engage missions teams differently because of this experience!
  • Community service has to be more than an occasional event… it must be a way of life!

I’ve enjoyed this mission’s trip and particularly enjoyed the self-imposed moniker, “Ocean’s Six.”

So for now, Ocean’s Six (minus one in this picture), signing off…

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