Good reading

Rindy has a great four part series called “Life is tough… if you do it right.”

Her big points:

1. Friends don’t let friends crash and burn.

  • In this post she discusses the value of a friend who will tell you the truth in love.

2. The best offense is not always a good defense

  • In this post she talks about how to receive the the critique your friend has made.

3. “Those who hear not the music think the dancer is mad.”

  • In this post Rindy gives an inside look at what it’s like to be called by God to step out in faith.

4. I can probably do it all, but I definitely shouldn’t

  •  In this post she discusses what she’s learning about “letting go”!

You can check out all three posts here:

I’m excited about planting Walls Down Church with Rindy and her guys!

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