Seasons of ministry

One of the 19 blogs that I read regularly is the Swerve blog from the guys at LIFECHURCH.TV.

They have been doing a series of posts discussing the seasons of ministry! This is great reading for everyone but for pastors in particular.

Today I posted a question for Craig (the lead pastor at LifeChurch):


I am preparing to start a new church in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

My bride and I have four little girls (5, 4, 2, and nine months).

Before this venture I was the senior pastor of an 800+ church. I have a sense of what the seasons look like in that environment.

What I’m not certain of is what the seasons will look like in a new church.

I am doing what I have been called to do and I will do it with all of my might. What I don’t want to do is look back at the early days of this new church with regrets regarding my family (”The Ladies”).

Any pointers?



He responded with counsel that I want to share with you and keep forever, so I’m putting it on my blog:

Paul, Here are some thoughts:

Try to design your church leadership schedule around your family’s time and values. If you don’t like evening meetings, do a bunch of breakfasts and lunches.

Don’t try to start things you won’t want to be doing five years from now. Once your kids are a bit older, you will be much busier with their activities.

Take time off! Most guys think they can’t be away from their new churches. Your church will be better if you are rested and your family is strong.

Take good care of your wife. Get her whatever she needs and don’t shut yourself off emotionally because of the church. Continue to nurture your marriage.

Blessings to you!

Here’s a huge “Thank you” to the guys over at Swerve.

You model generosity and even though you lead a huge ministry you still have time to interact with people. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Seasons of ministry

  1. Paul,

    I just recently found your blog via Travis Johnson’s. Thanks for the great insight. I have been following Swerve for some time, but often forget to check out the labs. Good question and a good response from Craig.

  2. I love the counsel of making sure you take your time off to be with your family and away from church. I really think that item will go a long way into setting up a healthy leadership atmosphere in the church. That health will naturally help you to bring up other leaders that can step up in a moment of crisis. Better to build it in from the start then try to fix it later!
    Thanks for sharing it!

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