Walls Down Church On a Page

  • Mission: To lead people into the life Jesus promised (John 10:10)
  • Vision: To develop disciples, leaders, groups, and churches in order to help people discover the life Jesus promised. We will do this locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.
    • Locally through a multi-site strategy.
    • Regionally and nationally through a church planting emphasis and the creation of church planting training centers.
    • Globally through strategic partnerships and church planting initiatives.
  • Strategy: To move people from community to crowd to congregation to committed to core through prayerful, innovative leadership; strategically focused effort; and efficient systems.
  • Our vision for the weekend is to create a worship experience that has a unique FEEL:
    • Familiar
    • Exciting
    • Encouraging
    • Life-Changing
  • Our expected outcome for every believer is LIFE. We expect to raise up believers who:
    • Love God and others
    • Invest time and money through the local church for maximum Kingdom impact
    • Focus on a handful of Biblical priorities and live them out every day
    • Expand their influence both locally and globally by investing in people and inviting them to know Christ.

3 thoughts on “Walls Down Church On a Page

    1. Hey Paul, I was wondering if you still had pics of your preview service. i am trying to restart a church and a while back saw some great pics and when i went to look them up i can’t find them. thx

  1. Paul,
    I love this phrase:
    >>prayerful, innovative leadership<<
    After a discussion I had with my wife last week (it rocked me hard!) I wonder of there is any way to add the word loving in there; like prayerful, innovative, loving leadership
    I believe that it reflects some more of the PASTORs heart and softens the BISHOPs leadership, or better it constrains/controls the leadership.
    Good stuff. I wish we had a great document like this for WyBC. I’ll keep it on the goals list for our team! 😀

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