A timeline for starting Walls Down Church

The following is our plan for starting Walls Down Church:


We will be moving to Cincinnati in July. Our church planting residency with Mountain Lake Church & Churchplanters.com will have come to an end. For what it’s worth, this residency has been worth the investment of a year!

During these first couple of months we will be busy! We will be:

  • Getting settled into a new area (moving in, meeting neighbors, finding doctors, etc.)
  • Getting “The Ladies” settled into their schools
  • Securing a meeting place for Walls Down Church
  • Continuing to raise funds for Walls Down Church
  • Continuing to recruit and develop the Walls Down ministry team (i.e. staff)
  • Refining and finalizing the “Walls Down Way” (our church systems – you can see the progress here)
  • Continuing to develop the “Core Group” -the group of people that will soon be Walls Down Church!


During our first few months on the ground we are going to be making as many connections as possible! Building relationships, making friends, being in the community, etc. are all a part of what we will be doing from our first day on the ground.

In October we will have two informational meetings. At this point we are planning on having these meetings on the 12th and the 26th.

In these meetings we will be sharing the Walls Down mission: to help people discover the life Jesus promised. We will be sharing what Walls Down is going to be and do and inviting people to join us.

(For a summary of what that looks like check out Walls Down On a Page).

During this month we will be putting the final touches on our church systems because next month we start working them!


In November we will start meeting every weekend with our Core Group!

During these times together we will continue to teach the vision and mission of Walls Down and begin recruiting volunteers!

The great thing about working on our systems ahead of time is that we know exactly what is needed in terms of volunteers: children’s workers, parking team, first impressions team, creative arts team, etc. During November we will be recruiting for these roles and doing some basic training with our volunteers.

During this whole time we will still be building relationships in the community, raising funds, developing our ministry leaders, and caring for our families!

On November 23rd we will be hosting aFirst Brick Down Dinner” for our partners who have partnered with us financially. During this celebration we will be showing our financial partners what their giving has enabled us to do! Included in this dinner will be representatives from other churches, business owners,individual donors, and people from our own Core Group who have invested money into Walls Down Church!


In December we will continue meeting weekly with our Core Group! Only now we will be actually “doing” church! I am calling these “practice” services because they will enable us to practice setting up and tearing down. They will allow us to fine tune our sound systems, work the kinks out of our children’s check-in process, figure out the best way to create a “familiar” environment, etc. all before we start publicly!

On December 4-7, we will be hosting a missions team from Mountain Lake Church! This team will help us in several ways:

  • Community service project(s)
  • Marketing (e.g. door hangers, etc.)
  • Encouragement for our Core Group
  • Fine tuning our set-up processes

During the month of December we will be promoting heavily our Christmas Eve Service! We are going to make a HUGE push to the community to join us on Christmas Eve… a preview of things to come and a celebration of many good things! At this service we will invite them to come back for our “Start” on January 4.

On Sunday, December 28th we are going to “take a break” and just celebrate what God is doing in and through our Core Group. It will be a day of rest, fun, celebration, and preparation for the next Sunday… January 4!


On January 4, God willing, Walls Down Church will go public!

Thanks to each of you who are traveling this journey with us!

Keep praying, giving, and watching as we get closer to January 4!

4 thoughts on “A timeline for starting Walls Down Church

  1. Our prayers are with you–You must be very excited..Hopefully someday we will be able to come and visit….

  2. My beloved Christian greetings to you my dear and beloved and wonderful family of the Walls Down Church,

    I greet you all in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and this wonderful seasonal greetings from our soon coming King and Lord and from our congregants in Liberia and Sierra Leone,West Africa.

    Please allow me to introduce my self,I am Pastor Jeremiah J. Nimely,Snr,Senior Pastor of the Living Waters Fllowship Church,Inc,located in Liberia,West Africa.
    I am married to Pastor Roseline Nimely since 1989,March 5th,we are blessed with two wonderful children,they are with us in the ministry,they are,Jeremiah Nimely,Jr about 14 years of age and Jereline Nimely,about 11 years of age,she is serving as one of the praise and worshipper and also sing in the choir and the boy is also singing in the choir and also is the drum player of the church.

    I as the pastor,I am an orphan,my father,mother,brother,sister and my eldest daughter were killed during the war in Liberia,during the more than 15 years of civil bloody war,that started snce 1989,and also is a called minister by the Lord during the war after all of my parents died,the Lord called me in the midst of that,but it was a challenge to acept this call,because I wanted to revenge,but the Lord said,NO,this is not the way out,I will use you to go back to the same people to be my preacher to peach the gospel of reconciliation,love and forgivenness and healing and repentance in my name,but it was ot an easy thing to believe,until He proves to me through signs and wonders,than I was convinced and convictedand that is how I am His servat minister since then up to now.

    We are a full time minister of the gospel and do not have no secular work,but is working wth the sexually abused kids and youths,the orphans,the handicaps,the less fortunates,the widows and the widowers,the elderly and the poor in the cmmunities of Paynesville,the capital city,Monrovia, the city of Kakata,and other places with a subsidy scholarship primary educaon and a hot meal and other programmes.(James 1:27)

    My wife and I have planted five churches,two in the city of Paynesville and also three are outside of the city of Paynesville.

    This ministry is a faith based ministry and we also have some other working going on in Sierra Leone with one of our trained son,named Jeremiah K. Smith leading the wrk there with his wife we just married during their training in the central church in Liberia,Paynesville.

    We have more to share with you,but we have decided to just email you thse few testimonies and info to you,reason s that,we saw yor information and after searcing and decided to pray and fast and to seek the Lord for a diection in ordr to find some friends whom we can relate to so as to encouage us in the work of the Lord that we ae called,it is in this regard,my wife and I and along with the church write to email you this email of request that,we are desirous of a covenant famil relatonship or partnership from you so as to be able to better be encourage,train,develp and equip for the Lord’s work(Eph.4:11-12)

    Therefore,we are seeking for a ministry partnership with you and to also become one of your extension ministry partners in Liberia and West Africa.

    Also,my wife and I as ministers of the gospel are also interested to be ordain as gospel ministers who are already go to the world and is preaching and carrying out Matthew 28 mandate of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    We are also seeking for church planting training and also toi start chuirch planting to unreached areas through training us and equipping us and also developing us and to provide the basic for us to start church planting in Westr Africa,beginning from Liberia and Sierra Leone where we are now doing ministry work with pastors and ministers.

    Our full ostal address is:
    Pastor Jeremiah and Roseline Nimely
    Senior Pastors
    Living Waters Fellowship Church,Inc
    P.O. Box 1779,1000 Monrvia,10 Liberia
    West Africa
    Our cell contact are:
    Pst. Jeremiah is:+231-5656930
    Pst. Roseline is:+231-5497099

    It is our ardent hope and ervent prayers that,as you receive this email of request from us,we ray that,the Lord will tuch and inspire your heart so as to be able to hear from you with a wonderful response that will tel us that you have receive it and do pray that the Lord imself will make bthis relationship a success and bring to ass His promises in this newly expected family relationship He is trying to built and establish by His grace.

    Please greet all of your amily,all of the saints of your fellowship and all of your friends,and do pray for God’s blessing and as with eack of us as we serve Him as His servants in His grat commission of harvest and also seeking for an agricultural project program to make our people be a self-sufficient to also support the work of the Lord and also their family as people from along bloody civil war in Liberia.

    Because He is risen,alive and coming back again for is saints,

    Pst. Jeremiah and Roseline Nimely and family,
    Your beloved and humble servant leaders
    Liberia,West Africa

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